🎼 Music Concert 🎼

This afternoon, Key Stage 2 children have performed for their parents, in their first live concert for a very long time! Year 3 have been practising their singing and recorder playing lots. The children all performed beautifully and both Mrs Dempster and I are so proud of you all! You can find the videos of our two performances below.

👑 Royal Celebrations 👑

This week, Year 3 have been celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The children learnt that Her Majesty has become the first British Monarch to serve the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for 70 years!

They began their celebrations by decorating our school environment in a sea of red, white and blue decorations.

Over the holidays, Miss Underwood was contacted by the Queen. Her Majesty asked if the children would be able to help her chef to prepare the correct meals for the rest of the Royal Family who would be attending the Royal Garden party. Unfortunately, the menu had been sent in fractions so the children had to apply their mathematics knowledge ensure they were accurate.

The children also used their Statistic knowledge to explore whether Queen Elizabeth is the longest serving Monarch in the United Kingdom. As a class we discussed what we would need to know in order to answer this question. Below is Joseph’s bar chart, showing the years of reign for some of the previous monarchs.

As part of our celebrations, the children have enjoyed completing a range of art based activities. The children used their sketching and shading skills to design these missing Queen portraits.

Today concluded our whole school jubilee celebrations. The children began the day by perfecting their entry for the Rushall Jubilee Bake Off competition. These were then taken to our concert, ready to be judged by our special visitors – Wendy Moreton and Simon Topman. During the concert, children beautifully performed a range of songs, including the National Anthem and ‘Million Dreams’.

Finally, Year 3 tucked into their picnics before heading onto the field for an afternoon of sporting activities.

On your marks, get set, GO!

This morning, Year 3 got to showcase their Athletics skills to their parents. The children have been practising regularly during their P.E. sessions, working on their technique whilst improving their speed.

There were a variety of races on offer, for the children to compete in, including: 100m sprint, 4x100m relay, egg and spoon race, skipping race, and the three-legged race.

The staff in Year 3 would like to congratulate the children who showed perseverance and sportsmanship whilst racing! 

Easter Celebrations

This week, the children performed their Easter celebration song, infront of Key Stage 2 and Reverend Such. Both Mrs Dempster and I were extremely proud of the children, who all sang beautifully. During the assembly, children were awarded prizes for their ‘eggcellent’ decorated egg. Congratulations to Elliott and Zofia who were the winners from Year 3.

In addition, the children in Year 3, also took part in the traditional ‘Rushall Egg Roll’. Using their well practised Boccia skills, the children rolled the Boccia ball towards the winning Easter egg. Lucian’s accurate roll managed to hit the Easter egg.

🇺🇦💙💛Ukraine Fundraiser🇺🇦💙💛

Following the recent, heart-breaking news surrounding Ukraine, some of the children in Year 5 and 6 brainstormed fundraising ideas. The idea was to raise money to help the people in Ukraine, who are going through a very difficult time at the moment.

Year 3 supported with the organisation of the day by creating banners, flags and bunting to decorate the playground. The children were also set the challenge of making cupcakes to sell on the day. We invited the children from Nursery, our buddy class, to help with the challenge.

During the afternoon, the playground was set ready with a range of different stalls and activities that the children could participate in and buy from.

What a fabulous day, had by all, raising money for such a worthy cause!

Reggae in Year 3

This half term, Year 3 are looking at closely at Reggae music. The children have listened carefully to different Reggae pieces including Bob Marley – ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘Jammin” and ‘Small People’ performed by Ziggy Marley (Bob Marley’s son). Each week the children have musically commented on the pieces thinking carefully about how the songs are made up and what instruments they can hear.

See below Year 3’s version of ‘Three Little Birds’ performed using the Glockenspiels.

A Victorian Winter Story

The children in Year 3 have been working very hard over the last few weeks to prepare for their virtual Christmas performance. Together with the rest of Key Stage 2, they have performed scenes and songs from our ‘Victorian Winter Story’. All children have been so enthusiastic with their singing, acting and even a little bit of dancing! Both me and Miss Stephenson are so proud of all of Year 3 for their dedication on putting on such a brilliant performance.

Below is the link to our full performance. You will be able to access this, using the password that has been posted on Google Classroom this morning.

Have a lovely Christmas break!

Miss Underwood and Miss Stephenson x

Our Marvellous Sandwiches

Over the last few weeks, as part of our Design and Technology unit, Year 3 have been researching, designing and making our very own cold sandwich, wrap or roll.

The children began by learning lots about the different food groups and categorising everyday foods into the different food groups. We also researched where a variety of different types of food come from and have also produced seasonal charts showing when a range of fruit and vegetables are best in season.

As part of the planning process, the children taste tested a range of shop brought sandwiches, wraps and rolls, considering possible ingredient options. The children rated these products on appearance, smell, taste and texture before giving an overall rating.

Year 3 have also been practising the skills needed to spread, chop, grate and peel different foods, ready for when they make their own product.

After carrying out their own research and focused tasks, the children designed their own cold product thinking carefully about the ingredients and equipment that would be needed.

Today the children have used their plans to create their own cold sandwich, wrap or roll. They have had to apply their skills learnt from our lessons to prepare ingredients ready to make their own products.

It’s Another Harvest Festival…

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing situation, our Harvest Festival had to remain as a virtual performance this year. The children in Year 3, rehearsed and performed four songs beautifully. They were, ‘Harvest Time is Here Again’, ‘Harvest Samba’, ‘We’re So Thankful’ and ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’. Both Miss Stephenson and I were so proud of how the children practised, performed and coped with the situation.

To be able to access our performance, please use the password that has been posted onto our Google Classroom stream.

Stone Age Studies

This term, Year 3 have been learning lots about the Stone Age period. We started the unit by getting an oversight of the key events that occurred between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. As a class, we predicted when we thought these events may have occurred, placing them in chronological order on a timeline.

During this topic, the children have learned lots about the types of Stone Age homes. This was an important part of Stone Age life as it showed that humans had start to settle, rather than move about lots. People that lived during the Stone Age would use natural materials to make their home. For instance, animal skin that had been hunted or wooden posts to support the structures. I wonder if you can guess what type of Stone Age homes have been made here.

To conclude our studies, Year 3 have been learning about Cave Paintings. We began by researching Cave Paintings from around the world including the cave paintings of Lascaux Cave. We discussed what stories the paintings could be telling. Each painting was evidence of what life was like in the past and of the discoveries the people of the Stone Age made.